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Chaussettes de Cyclisme

Cycling Socks

Make no mistake, Reines women's cycling socks are designed as real fashion accessories. It is with the most beautiful socks that we finalize a look. This is why we offer you elegant, original and colorful models. If you want to be well dressed from head to toe, then choose a nice pair of socks. They bring the final, stylish touch to your cycling outfit. It's the accessory that makes an essential little statement in the stylish cyclist's wardrobe. However, Reines thinks of everything and does not neglect technical aspects to perfectly meet the needs of the female cyclist and her feet.

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Turquesa women's cycling socksTurquesa women's cycling socks
Royal Girly Women's Cycling SocksRoyal Girly Women's Cycling Socks
SAFARI Women's Cycling SocksSAFARI Women's Cycling Socks
Chaussettes velo Femme ZébraChaussettes velo Femme Zébra

Discover our collection of women's cycling socks

Reines socks are designed as a true fashion essential. They enhance your look and your legs. Made mainly of polyamide and carefully knitted, your feet will love them! They will thus be dry all year round to perform better. Don't wait any longer to let yourself be tempted by these women's cycling socks on our Reines online store.


Stylish socks offer an opportunity to show off your personality and display a style all your own.

Turquesa women's cycling socks

Do you want to sport an ultra girly look? Turquesa socks are that little extra that makes the difference. Shades of blue, a glittery band and exceptional softness in contact with the skin. They give color and a sparkling tone to your outfits.

Women's Cycling Socks Purple Glitter

Purple Glitter socks are stylish, girly and 100% local. Thanks to their polyamide material and a perfect knitting technique, your feet breathe. They go easily with your cycling outfits.

Women's Cycling Socks YOU GO GIRL shiny gray

Fall for a pair of cycling socks with the message YOU GO GIRL to boost your cycling mentality! They clearly display the color of your ambitions: an accomplished cyclist, a determined sportswoman, but always feminine. The highlighted Reines logo brings a very “sport chic” spirit to this pair of mid-cut socks.

Why choose Reines for your cycling socks?

Quite simply because we want to show off these socks! Queen socks are designed to be seen. In addition to their look, they are also technical and very resistant thanks to their polyamide material. You can put them on and put them back on during numerous bike rides without them losing their effectiveness. The fabrics are carefully chosen to perfectly protect your feet and any inconvenience such as blisters or friction. All year round, fall for our collection of low-cut socks available from sizes 36 to 41.

Feminine and trendy

Useful and essential for cycling, they also go well with all your cycling outfits. They set you apart and thus reveal your personality. They are elegant, trendy and enhance your look to make you feel beautiful all the way through.

Soft and breathable

Thin and at the same time very resistant thanks to their polyamide material, they provide softness to your feet. They are also very pleasant during bike rides in high temperatures and provide comfort and warmth in cold weather.

Little nuggets Made in France

Reines women's cycling socks are 100% local creations. Imagined and designed by Natacha Ventre, a passionate sportswoman and cycling enthusiast. They are made in France and only in France in a human-sized workshop.

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