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women in cycling

menstrual cycling shorts for total comfort during your period

Ranianias, ranouches in french, periods or menstruation, it doesn't matter. The new REINES pad integrated into cycling shorts will finally make you forget about them. No more painful rubbing of your sanitary towel, your tampon getting in the way or your cup overflowing. You'll rediscover the pleasure of riding in complete freedom!


women's shorts adapted to the rules

Technology, comfort and cute - what else?

What woman has never cut short a cycling trip because of her period? Worse still, deprived herself of riding because of her period? It's no longer up to your period to dictate your days.

Our menstrual cycling shorts offer a daring solution and now allow you to pedal without worry.

Total freedom of movement



Long bike ride

The REINES menstrual pad is:

- Protection against leaks for over 10 h

- Breathable, top-of-the-range fabric

- Freedom of movement

An eco-committed pad

A pad developed with tencel fibres ( bamboo fibre). Soft, chemical-free fabric for harmless contact with intimate parts.

Technology for comfort

soft, absorbent pad

Made from eco-friendly, skin-friendly materials, our pad offers superior absorption and optimal comfort during menstruation days. Its ergonomic design adapts perfectly to the body, offering reliable protection while being discreet.

In a few words, the REINES menstrual shorts are :

- A garment with a second skin effect. The seams used are extra-flat, made from a soft thread that prevents any discomfort.

- A short that provides excellent support thanks to its elastic waistband and silicone band around the thighs.

- Un pad étudié pour éviter toute gêne à l'entrejambe. Dense et confortable, les sorties longues ne seront plus un problème.

- Microperforé, le pad est parfaitement aéré et sèche rapidement.

- Un tissu doux et agréable au contact de votre peau.

- Une liberté de mouvement, avec ou sans vos règles.

🩸REINES propose un pad menstruel longue sortie 🩸