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Article: How to avoid buttock pain while cycling?

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How to avoid buttock pain while cycling?

How to avoid buttock pain while cycling? This is certainly the question we all ask ourselves when we start cycling. It's difficult to escape these first irritations, redness and overheating. Indeed, it is not always easy to get used to the bicycle saddle, especially if it is poorly adjusted, if you are not well prepared, or worse yet, poorly equipped. Between sit bones, coccyx and perineum, sometimes no part of your buttocks is spared. But rest assured, solutions exist to no longer have sore buttocks. Reines gives you her valuable advice.

Goodbye to the uncomfortable bike saddle: choose one adapted to your practice

Even if it doesn't do everything, a good bicycle saddle is essential for your comfort. It is therefore essential to know that there are bicycle saddles for men and women. In fact, a woman's pelvis is wider and the nerve endings are not located in the same place. The supports are therefore different. For mountain biking or road cycling, the saddle, thin and long, is located above the handlebars. There are several types of saddles. The most classic are:
  • the rounded saddle: ultra-comfortable, it prevents overheating over long distances;
  • the flat saddle: ideal for long outings with intense effort;
  • the semi-rounded saddle: an intermediate model for frequent use.
Other more specific saddles increase your comfort:
  • hollowed out with a wide channel in the middle: it limits pressure on the perineum;
  • openwork: the saddle then no longer has any contact with your perineum.
Given the choice before you, the best advice we can give you is to go see your bike dealer. Depending on your cycling position and your body type, it will help you find the ideal saddle.

Postural study is not just for professionals

A suitable seat is good, but if it is custom-made it's even better. The postural study or “bike fitting” allows you to adjust your bike so as to have the most comfortable position possible on your two wheels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, the study is intended for any cyclist who wishes to gain comfort and, consequently, pedaling efficiency. Furthermore, these adjustments limit the risk of injury due to an inappropriate position on your bike. This tailor-made postural study is specific to each person according to their morphology and pedaling style. It can be done yourself, but it is better to call a professional who will take all the necessary measurements such as the length of your feet, the height of your crotch, the size of the bust, the length of the arms and the width shoulders. The professional will then be able to adjust the height of the saddle, the pedals and its automatic cleats as well as the stem. If you purchase a new bike, take the opportunity to ask your dealer for this postural study. You will thus have a perfect adjustment of your two wheels which will allow you to have a position that is both more comfortable and more efficient for riding for a long time. postural study - Reines cycling clothing brand

Do you know anti-friction solutions?

To avoid possible irritation, certain protective creams exist on the market. They mainly have the effect of relieving the crotch in anticipation of rubbing and friction on the skin. The best known of these is chamois cream which minimizes the risk of saddle sores. You need to apply it to your insert. It will be more flexible and elastic. To avoid any allergic reactions, test them first on a small area of ​​your skin. Also think about talc which helps reduce irritation during possible friction.

How to avoid buttock pain while cycling? Invest in good women's shorts

Women's cycling shorts are definitely a must-have when cycling. Certainly, cycling clothing requires you to devote a small budget to it, but you will not regret investing from the start in excellent quality cycling shorts. You will be able to wear it for several years without its qualities being altered. Good cycling shorts must be both shaping and breathable with a high-end insert. This is why Reines combines technique and aesthetics to offer you a collection of trendy cycling shorts that suit all body types.

Maintaining your shorts

The quality of your shorts also depends on the maintenance you give them. To maintain the effectiveness of your garment, machine wash it at 30 degrees maximum. Washing too hot could deteriorate the quality of the Lycra and reduce the foam of the chamois. Also avoid softening products that clog the pores of breathable textiles. Never put your shorts in the dryer. Turn it over and let it air dry. To preserve all its hygienic qualities, wash your shorts after each bike ride and take care to rinse them well in cold water.

Regularity pays

And yes, the more you ride, the less it hurts. The buttocks always end up getting used to your efforts. If the first bike rides seem very painful to you, the following ones are much more pleasant. Don't worry, take it gradually. Get your bearings on your two wheels. Start with short rides at moderate speed. You will thus gently accustom the muscles of your buttocks. You will also get your bearings and feel if any adjustments are necessary. But above all, remember that the secret is to never stop.

And above all, ladies, we leave the underwear at home!

We never repeat it enough. Your cycling shorts are worn next to the skin. The shorts are technical clothing designed to guarantee maximum comfort. The insert has flat, limited seams and also wicks away perspiration during exercise. Wearing panties under your shorts risks causing irritation and prevents perspiration from escaping more easily. Soaked panties promote overheating and the proliferation of bacteria. You now have all our tips and advice for cycling without having sore buttocks. Remember that to be perfectly comfortable on your two wheels and gain comfort, start with short but frequent outings. You will increase the intensity as you go. Do you want to join a group of cyclists, become an Ambassador of the Queens and share valuable advice with us? Follow us !

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