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Article: How to choose your women's cycling shorts? We guide you

cuissard vélo femme

How to choose your women's cycling shorts? We guide you

Never without my shorts! » . Any cyclist who has had the experience of cycling without shorts can confirm this today. It is indeed the essential item of clothing for your cycling outfit. Thanks to its close-fitting cut, the quality of its fabric and its more or less padded chamois, it guarantees comfort and protection on the bike saddle. However, it is not always easy to know which model of shorts to choose, what size to take and how to choose them according to your body shape. To help you see things more clearly, here are some practical tips for choosing the model of shorts that suits you. women's cycling shorts

Choosing a quality chamois for cycling

The most important element that makes it up is undoubtedly the chamois, also called insert or pad. You can also recognize good cycling shorts by this detail. This is the padded part of your cycling shorts woven at the crotch level. Indeed, the chamois must be thick enough to absorb all the pressure of your body weight on the saddle, absorb vibrations and shocks during bike rides as well as friction. Made of foam or gel (or sometimes both), the chamois definitely acts as a good cushion which prevents any pain in the hamstrings, buttocks and hips. Good cycling shorts will allow you to ride for hours without feeling sore. A good quality chamois also absorbs perspiration more easily. Its seams should be as flat as possible and limited to avoid possible irritation.

A size adapted to your body shape

Your women's cycling shorts must fit perfectly to your figure. Choose it slightly compressive to avoid all types of friction during your movements. It should act like a second skin. The part at the level of the insert located at the crotch must be well stretched. Otherwise, if there are folds, you risk irritation during your movements. For a very long effort (an outing of approximately 8 to 10 hours), do not hesitate to choose a size smaller. Lycra shorts are often the most comfortable to wear. In fact, it fits your shape perfectly while being stretchy. Its synthetic material helps limit friction. Do you have any doubts about which size of shorts to choose? Reines advises you through a size guide for each model of women's cycling shorts.

Women's cycling shorts: short or long?

Some short shorts reach above the knee and others are longer at ankle level. Short cycling shorts are worn in summer when the weather is mild. It will also be much more comfortable and more pleasant to wear when it is hot. Some are even designed from fabrics with high UV 50+ protection to protect you from the sun's rays. It will also limit tan lines during your summer cycling trips. In winter, choose long tights more suited to cool temperatures. However, if you only had to choose one, choose shorts combined with leg warmers to wear them on all occasions, even when the temperatures are cooler.

Cycling shorts for women: with or without straps?

There are in fact two types of shorts: shorts with straps which put more pressure on the shoulders and those without straps which have a more shaping effect. If your shorts perfectly shape your figure and their waist is elastic to stay in place, suspenders are not always useful. They can even bother you in the chest area. Furthermore, ladies, don't forget that the bathroom break is much easier if you wear strapless shorts.

Men's shorts vs women's shorts: the differences to remember

Although it is possible for a woman to wear men's shorts and vice versa, this is not recommended. The morphologies are different. There are therefore specific shorts for women. Indeed, their design is designed to preserve the female anatomy. The chamois of women's cycling shorts is often wider than that of men's. The length of women's cycling shorts is also shorter. Its aesthetic cut allows you to maintain all your femininity on your bike and to avoid cycling tans as much as possible. women's cycling outfits

Choosing pretty cycling shorts for women

It's not forbidden to have style on your bike. Better yet, it's motivating to feel beautiful in your cycling outfit. Reines has also imagined a collection of quality, original and feminine cycling outfits. To be able to wear shorts, you must choose the one that best suits your clothing style and choose the color that matches most easily with your cycling jerseys. It also allows you to highlight your figure by using colors that suit you well. women's cycling shorts

How much do women's cycling shorts cost?

The price of a pair of shorts can vary between €30 and €300 depending on the brand. This price difference is justified by the quality of the garment, particularly in terms of the comfort of the chamois. Depending on the frequency of your cycling trips, it is not necessarily profitable to choose inexpensive cycling shorts. You will have to change them more often and you will not enjoy the experience of wearing comfortable cycling shorts. If you like cycling, invest in comfortable, good quality clothing instead. The cushioning of your insert will be much better with a slight shape memory effect. It will accompany you for kilometers without moving. As you can see, choosing your women's shorts is important to enjoying each bike ride. Quality cycling shorts will last you a long time depending on the frequency of your outings and of course the maintenance you devote to them. Furthermore, if this garment has not always been very sexy, it tends more and more to become so. Reines also offers you a collection of cycling shorts in feminine and trendy colors, cuts that adapt to all body shapes and silhouettes to meet your expectations.

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